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i tag all nsfw and gore posts and use trigger warnings
Deafheaven - Sunbather (Sunbather)




the adults on tumblr are fucking surreal like half of them spend their time making fun of 13-16 year olds please do something more productive with your time. ride a bike. get a job. pay taxes.

As an adult I manage my time wisely where I can ride a bike,do my job,pay my taxes, and also make fun of 13-16 year olds all in one day.

your icon is a pony

I really hope that I get to marry my bf

Trash Talk - Gimme Death (Awake (EP))


What if I tattoo my entire upper body to look like a shitty metal patch vest


"Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a homicide."
Se7en (1995) dir. David Fincher