gigi, 17, us

films, true crime, horror, music, art, fashion

i tag all nsfw and gore posts and use trigger warnings


sigh why does tumblr still allow stupid gore/shock blogs run by cheeto dust covered  ”sooper edgy” 15 year olds but delete the informative true crime blogs idgi

Fawn with polycephaly. Polycephaly is a condition of having more than one head

so i called out my ex on fb on a status he commented on of someone that i’m friends with and i asked how he found my instagram and why he liked my photo when i never told him he could even talk to me and he never replied :)


if i hear a white person saying ‘nigga’ one more time i will bash their fucking brains in with an axe



people whose parents pay them for good grades


I’m really good at talking ppl through their relationship issues so why can’t the boy I like text me back